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We are staying up

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If there is one thing I've learned this year is that with Bristol City, nothing is guaranteed. Probably have picked up less points from the bottom 6 than the top 6 or close to it. Have had late leads lost. Have come back a couple times. Can play with anyone on our day. Can look like a League 2 side on others. If there is one thing I know for sure is that I have no clue where we will finish. 

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3 hours ago, cityloyal473 said:

Still a long way to go.  We got out of the mire quite quickly, but could easily be dragged back into it quite quickly; a run of 3/4 games without a win could easily see us dragged in again.  Cautiously optimistic I think I would describe myself at the minute.

Spot on, way too soon to get carried away ... but signs are good.

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2 hours ago, JonDolman said:

I can't see us finishing any lower than we are now. In fact I see us finishing a fair few places higher. I think this season could end up being a great first season. The investment in kodjia was a good one, and other than that, they have not spent a lot other than loans. So this has given us a chance to see who is and who isn't good enough for next season. Johnson said in an interview about maybe bringing in 2 or 3, and then said 4 or 5 in the summer. Imagine 4 or 5 extra players of quality with the loan options available too. Add that to the quality we already have and we could be a real force.

2 or 3 might need to be 4 or 5, if the likes of Baker and Tomlin can't be attracted.  No idea how attainable they are.

in terms of positions we have:

GK - FF and ROD - completely covered with O'Leary too

RB - Ayling (Little and now Vyner as cover)

LB - Golbourne (Williams and Bryan as cover) - think Derrick might be out of contract, I'd keep him personally, think he can get better.

CB - Flint - need some serious signings here (see Williams above) - assuming Osborne and El-Abd will be off?

DM - Smith and Pack - but we need one more as cover...at least

AM (3) - Freeman and Bryan (Reid, Burns as cover) - options to play Agard on Right - assuming Wagstaff will be off?

CF - Kodjia and Agard - has Wilbraham triggered another year, be good to keep him around the club (Wade?) to teach Garita

i've probably missed one or two.

But it does go to show that Baker, Pearce, Gladwin and Tomlin will need replacing or signing, plus others.  Gonna be a defining summer I think.

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14 hours ago, Rednwhiterob said:

Where are the doubters now! 

We are staying up, we are staying up.

Nothing can go wrong now :-D

Its now in our own hands,and looking at those below us,and Blackburn who are poor my guess is a point a game here on in would see us to safety....we may not even need the 48points...surly we can't go now??!!......

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