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My thoughts on last night - and tying a few threads together.

Fat Cigar

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I could tell things weren’t quite right from the opening few minutes. Our best performances (not necessarily those we’ve won) have usually come off the back of us starting brightly. We started the second half the way we should have started the first. We looked too ponderous last night. Lacked verve. Korey Smith was subdued, which is never a good sign, considering he’s our best player by a country mile. He makes the side tick. By the way, if he’s not appointed captain in the summer I’ll be rather annoyed. Natural leader, although not much of that last night. Very quiet. They all were, apart from the odd yell from Flint.

Puzzled by the decision to sub Bryan after 53mins. He’s had a very good few weeks and has become our best crosser. In a team of players who can’t cross. Why sub someone 8mins into a half unless they’re injured, and he didn’t look it.

Freeman played as Freeman always does. Thought he had a good game, but there’s no end product. He won’t cross, takes far too long on the ball, and when he does shoot it’s usually wayward. Shame because he’s having his best spell of the season, but we really need our midfielders to score. One goal would be nice!

Flint doesn’t look the same without the reassuring presence of Baker alongside him. They’re on the same wavelength and have built up an excellent partnership. Pearce played ok(ish), but didn’t command the space the way Baker does. Vyner obviously had a poor game, but let’s not be too harsh on the lad. Expect Little to come back in on Saturday. Not sure if Baker will. He was wearing one of those storm trooper leg casts yesterday. I know his injury isn’t serious but can’t see him being fully fit yet. Maybe back for Cardiff.

Despite what the announcer said, Golbourne was my City MOM. Composed, unflappable and like every good player, always looks like he’s got plenty of time on the ball. He’s been a cracking signing. And cost us next to nothing.

Wilbraham did what he does: holds the ball up well(ish), wins a few flick-ons, and rarely threatens in front of goal.

Brighton: quick on the break and clinical in front of goal. Like all the good teams we’ve played this season. Interesting how few touches the top teams need before getting sight of goal. We overpass because we lack a threat in the final third and no one’s prepared (or capable) to finish things off. Brighton (and Burnley, Reading etc.) have the adage less is more. It’s what you do with it that counts.

Important we hold our own at Forest on Sat. They’ve lost two on the bounce and I think scored 2 goals in their last 5 matches. As always, an early goal will help with the confidence. They may have had a good calendar year so far but don’t rate Forest. And they were AWFUL at the Gate in October. Possibly only MK Dons worse this season.

A few words about the boss. He certainly talks a good game. Very up front about our faults last night. And good to see him unimpressed with that nonsense with the penalty. I mean it’s bad enough that we struggle to score from open play, let’s at least score our damn penalties. You can blame Wilbraham for that. I assume he took the captain’s armband when he came on?? Didn’t even notice. So his choice I guess. But a poor one. He’s still stuck in the Cotteril era mindset. i.e. don’t change anything.

And so to Forest. Will be there and will be at the Q&A with Steve Lansdown before.

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22 minutes ago, Fat Cigar said:

Possibly only MK Dons worse this season.


Charlton, surely were the worst we've seen at AG this season? Agree with most of your other points. Didn't understand why JB was subbed. Thought Golborne was our motm and don't understand why Corey hands over the armband to Wilbs when he is subbed on - if you're captain at the start of the match then you should be captain at the end. Don't like the deference displayed to Wilbs. 

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I think the captain always stays the same, even if he started on the bench. Was bizarre having Wade Elliott captain last season when he barely played. Anyway, it's not *that* important. 

For a spectacle, us v MK Dons was one of the worst games of football I've seen in years. Both teams were appalling. And looked like League One sides. 

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