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Twentyman this evening ... 'All about City'


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It's been on for the last few weeks on Mondays at 6pm. It's pretty good actually, especially when they have a good guest in. I've preferred the shows with Ashton and Johnson in rather than former players - the Danny Coles one wasn't great for example. Would really like them to get Keith Burt, Brian Tinnion or one of the more eloquent players as a guest.

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2 hours ago, Hillzider said:

Should be an interesting listen this evening.

Studio guest is Paul Cheesley

Top man is Cheese. Someone should phone in an ask the big man about his only career hat-trick, away to York City in the 75-76 promotion season and what their manager said to him when he asked for the (customary) match ball that had somehow ended up in the home dressing room.

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4 hours ago, REDOXO said:

I would also like to know how on earth he started at Norwich of all place So?

Well, Oxo, he said he was born in Southmead Hospital to a family from Hartcliffe. He's a Hartcliffe boy.

Being from Easton in Gordano (as Wiki says) is a myth,

Was picked up with 2 other young Gordano players by a Bristol based Norwich scout and upped sticks and signed for them at 16 and a half.

'Grew about a foot in a year', ball control suffered, but heading ability blossomed.

Signed for City as a 20 year old in '73.

The rest is history, some of it never to be forgotten, the what might have beens so very sad for him and all us City fans who saw him play.

:chant6ez:SUPERCHEESE :chant6ez:

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