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I was reminiscing today about Saturday morning football at Whitchurch sports centre and thought there must be people on here who played as well. 

4 or 5 teams of kids, round robin games, see who comes out on top. Lots of City/Rovers rivalry, stuffing your face between games with sweets from the machine, jumpers for goalposts isn't it? Wasn't it? (Not quite)

Anyone else a graduate of that football hotbed circa 1989 to 1996??

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Yes. Went for a few years between 88-91ish iirc

You're right about the City/Rovers rivalry although there were obviously more City fans there. I remember during matches you could stand on benches behind the boarding at the side of the pitch (towards each end of the pitch). Sometimes if a team of predominantly City kids were playing a team of predominantly Gas kids those two ends of the pitch would turn into mini groups of opposing fans. Often watching the games was as enjoyable as playing.

Really happy times. I think Whitchurch Sports Centre has changed since then...unfortunately I don't remember much about the place apart from the vending machine with 'Nova Bars' in the cafe bit next to the bowling hall and the long corridor to the bogs. 

Nowadays of course there would probably be a couple of kids with City shirts and probably none with Gas shirts.


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