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There seems to be an awful lot of taking about needing strikers but after tonight our midfielders combined goal tally is half so many as Adel Flints.  That's right, our center back has scored twice as many goals this season as our entire midfield combined. 

Looking at our midfield I think that is the sole reason we're in such a poor position as they contribute very little going forward. It's crazy that we've got fans complaining about Kodjia when you look at the above statistic.

I don't see how we can replace an entire midfield but honestly I think if we could see should with the exception of Smith. Freeman has great technical ability but one of the key reasons he stood out last season is because of that technique and how he could use it to create and score goals. This season he just looks out of his depth and unable to do it in the championship. Pack is improving but still isn't good enough when if we keep Smith as we need a box to box midfielder who can defend and get the odd goal as well as create. Reid just doesn't look good enough and certainly isn't consistent enough either. 

This isn't a moan or whine, as it stands we need to hope Freeman can find his scoring touch and that the midfield can contribute to take the pressure off of Kodjia. I hope the team can do that but if we've not changed our midfield for the better next season I don't see us turning around our form, unless of course we're in League One where many of our midfielders seem to belong. 

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For a start I'm not sure about playing Freeman out of position. He certainly has looked better when pushed out wide, but I would prefer to see him wide left rather than right in a flat midfield four/five, allowing him more time and space on his stronger foot, without needing to check back inside. 

I think Freeman could still make the CAM role his own if he just had some coaching on percentage based decision making, I.e. someone to coach him when the pass is on and when it isn't. 

I haven't been overly impressed with Bryan this season, he seems to take one step forward and two back, although you could level that criticism at the entire club at the moment. 

Reid needs more game time leagues 1/2 but because of our piss poor squad depth is still here, and not ready for the championship yet. 

Pack has looked better, but needs Smith alongside him. 

Tomlin blows hot and cold, but doesn't really look much of a goal threat. Can't visualise him working the opposition keeper. 


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