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Huddersfield's equaliser at Villa last night

Jack Dawe

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Sorry, if I could I would link it here, but have a look. If it's true you make your own luck, then we need to be doing whatever Huddersfield are doing (employing Germans, selling dirt cheap season tickets, not being Barnsley, who knows?)

The highlights suggest one way traffic and that the ball was running for HT last night. Not sure they're quite as good as their start suggests. It was the sort of goal Villa were conceding every week last season (their defenders not making their own luck) and their fans must've thought they'd seen the last of such calamities (the Luton defeat notwithstanding).

A quality hoofball by Huddersfield by the way...


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1 hour ago, Welcome To The Jungle said:

Players went up to the away fans and did the joined arm raise as one like in Germany which is much better than the half arsed clap from the half way line we normally get. 

Really? I cringe when I see it. 

Even more so when said team doesn't even win.

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1 hour ago, Bar BS3 said:

These things happen. It certainly shows the use of chasing down lost causes. 

On a seperate note, it looks like a big crowd there. What was the attendance? 

34,000 there.. Not bad at all. Can see that sort of att heavily dropping off for the Villa though if they arnt around the top 6 this season

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