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Foul on Abraham


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Not seen this mentioned - might be in the match thread but not trawling through 255 replies !!

Cant believe we did not get such a blatant penalty when pushes in the back and pulling of shirts is so under the microscope.

From my seat I was convinced Abraham was about to score and then ended between 2 players heading wildly over.

I was sure at the time but just watching highlights on sky sports I cannot believe it was not given - the number 2 elbows him on the back with such force it knocks him over !!

Can't believe LJ has not kicked right off either.  **** ref - so annoying !!

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19 minutes ago, Robert the bruce said:

Not yet more excuses for the loss... A good job done on us- not the ref,or playacting by Newcastle.were not 'where' we would like to be as a team quite yet.work in process.

Not an excuse - just a fact we should have had a penalty - don't judge me on others as I have not commented anywhere and complained or made excuses for the loss because I am actually upbeat by the overall performance.

That does not detract from the fact we were denied the chance to draw level from the spot by a bad decision !?

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29 minutes ago, formerly known as ivan said:

Think the one on Flint which I haven't seen shown anywhere was more blatant than the one of Abraham, which in itself was very blatant.

As they say, if it had happened anywhere else on the pitch or if the attacker had done it to the defender it's a free kick all day long

Yep the one I was going to mention. Looked a blatant pen.

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As with Neo, it's not an "excuse" for the loss, but anyone seeing that shove on Tammy when he's on the goal line can see we should have had a penalty.

Hayden pushes his arms into his back, while another Newcastle defender barrels into him shoulder first without even looking at the ball.

But hey-ho; decisions are funny like that.

Work to be done, but the season is four games old, we've already got six points, and the transfer window isn't even closed.  Plenty of time to improve.

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48 minutes ago, cityexile said:

Just seen it on highlights. Thought this might be a case of rose tinted glasses, but have to say in fairness looked nailed on to me. No attempt to play the ball instead of the player, and just barged him in to the net.

I thought it was a pen during the match but after watching the highlights I've changed my mind. It looked like he misjudged the flight of the ball and it went slightly behind him. More a case of the ball swirling around in the wind than a push. 

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