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No Scunny Highlights ?


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14 hours ago, JoeAman08 said:

30 shots and we get 30 seconds of highlights. Every other game on sky had at least 2-3 minutes including Liverpool with 5! I'm all for quick but give me a few of the best chances as well.

You're club's very own youtube channel provides 2 minutes of highlights.  They normally go up within 24 hours of the match.

15 hours ago, slartibartfast said:

Haven't seen any.


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Thought City looked slick. Bobby looks classier and classier.

Must be quite a shock for the Little hating bandwagon on OTIB, to  see Mark using his attacking determination to set up Tammy's brilliant strike. Also his fine defending to deny Morris.

Oh yeah and let's not forget the Freeman hating bandwagon, seeing Luke"s  fine left-footed strike following some beautiful interplay with Bobby.

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