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No link on Premium


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It seems there is no Radio Bristol link to BCFC Premium for today's Villa game

I have contacted Adam Baker and Premium suppliers by email to put a commentary link for our game (as they are contracted to do 90 minutes before KO) even if they are currently broadcasting the Gas. 

It seems Radio Bristol are distributing commentary to the BRovers game on radio Bristol globally on the internet, as far as I know this is not allowed, and failed to link to Premium which is what they have to do regardless of what they are broadcasting

As expats know there are pretty regular cock ups with links. If someone sees Adam Baker or anyone at BCFC commercial please let them know and ask them to pull their finger out

Many thanks from all overseas supporters for any help......Update a link now exists but no bloody sound Grrrrr


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Yeah been back n forth with Premium copying the club.

We have dead air and background noise but that is fine as a commentary link is clearly established.

I was advised 90 mins before KO was what they aim for (BCFC/Premium/Radio Brizz), but just been advised by Premium 30 is standard....I usually have something by 130 since the last time I made a fuss...

Anyway Up the City!


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