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Ball boys


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This may seem a little trivial after such a great result today but it's bugged me for the first 3 home games of the season... What's the deal with the ball boys not actually getting the ball back into play? They just sit behind the hoardings and don't make an effort to get the ball. Is there some sort of directive that states they aren't allowed in front of the hoardings now?

The players are having to get the ball themselves like park footballers.

Anyway, great result, 3 goals, 3 separate scorers, 3 points, a pitch invader that couldn't reach the crossbar and 1/5 of the way to safety!!

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When O'Donnell was asking the ball boy to throw him the ball in the first half when it went over to the corner it looked like the ball boy was saying he couldn't as it hadn't gone over the advertising boards. O'Donnell then ran over to get it and put his thumb up to the kid which was a nice touch I thought.

If that's the case and they aren't allowed to lean over the advertising boards then it just slows play down.

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