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Hi All. Can I introduce myself by relating the tale of my last visit to Ashton Gate. Myself and wife were having a long weekend in Bristol, one of our favourite cities, which included taking in the Saturday afternoon match.

We thought we had left enough time to drive to and park near to AG but got stuck in traffic that didn't move. Suddenly a bloke in the car behind jumped out and ran to our car and seeing our own teams colours asked if we were going to the match. We told him yes and he said we would never make the match in time. He then told us to follow him, which we did. He drove through all the back streets and arrived at some industrial units near the ground. He said he worked there and we could also park there as his guest. We thanked him profusely, we shook hands and he went off to cheer on his beloved BCFC and we went to cheer our team. This is what following football should be all about.

Anyway, since that day, a few seasons ago now, I have taken on a website called Football Cities which of course includes a section on Bristol and its teams. Could I kindly ask you to check that page and advise whether any of the facts and figures need amending, or perhaps some additions that could be made. The link is  www.footballcities.co.uk

You will also find some good info on BC next opponents, Nottingham Forest, on the Nottingham page.


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