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Golbourne & Defensive Options


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Assuming that Johnson want's to stick with 3-5-2 now, does anyone think that should injuries occur to our back three, Golbourne could actually slot in as the left sided defender?

I know Maggers would play there at the moment, but I think Scott could do a job there.

Also if anything happened to Flint, you could put Maggers central as the ball winning centre half, and have Wright and Golbourne alongside him.

You could have:

Wright     Flint    Maggers

Wright     Flint    Golbourne 

Wright    Maggers  Golbourne


Yyner could also potentially slot in to replace Wright as well, should he be out. 

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1 hour ago, Buster Footman's T shirt said:

Think we have already had enough experimenting with full backs playing CB! Think it more likely to either play Vyner or revert to back 4 if hit by injuries. Guess anything is possible though.

Left sided defender of a back 3 covers pretty much the same areas to that of left back. Golbourne is excellent at staying solid in that area of the pitch, and he'd have Bryan (LWB) as a permanent outlet.

Similar to Derek Williams who was obviously LCB during our promotion season, but could play left back as part of a 4-4-2 set up. 

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