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3 hours ago, finbarr_in_z said:

Is this a serious question?

If so, the Nova(l) Scotia(l).


There are dozens of pubs and bars along the waterfront now, starting at Watershed all the way to Nova Scotia - should be fine in most. Just get a ferry or walk.... then you just need a shortish walk across the bridge/park to AG

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45 minutes ago, jackofromrugby said:

Commiserations, Aiz.  Is the Annexe still thriving?  Coming down mob handed for ODI v Ireland in May.  I'm banking on all day rain to enable a bit of a 'tour' for the Warwickshire lads!


The Annexe indeed thrives. I won a bottle of Glenmorangie "A Midwinter Night's Dram" in the Xmas raffle.

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