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Club at a crossroads?

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So we are now where we are. 8 defeats in a row and little to no signs in the league of stopping the rot. The new signings seem to be nearly unanimously an improvement to the spine of the squad.

So where do we go from here. It seems that no matter how much we spend then as a club we always seem to struggle at this level. It could be argued that one of the constant failings is that we rarely or never seem to appoint a manager with a record of sucess at this level or higher. Coppell being a notable execption and he took one look and took fright.

If we are recruiting players at a higher level than bottom end Championship then we accept that they come with their own expectations and opinions and may not be slow in coming forward and expressing them. It takes a strong and experienced manager with a strong record at this level to steer the ship.

It may well be that we are unable to attract these sort of candidates. However at some point I would argue that if the club does want to regularly challenge at the right end of the table then this is the route to go.

If LJ does go then another up and coming manager may not be the way to go. The squad is underperforming at present. There is no doubt about that. So at a crossroads do we carry on along the same road or choose a different path?

I would love LJ to turn it round but seems a busted flush now. COYR

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