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Forest yesterday

Lord Nelson

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I along with my son travelled to forest yesterday and was absolutely appalled by how shocking it was. One shot only on target against a forest side that are probably worse than us,  certainly the worst forest side in years. It's.strange, because looking at us in the warm up and we don't look like a team that's broken or in turmoil. It seems a happy camp amongst the players and I have no idea what's gone wrong. To think that this team was tearing sides apart at the start of the season is incredible. We could open up defensives and if we went a goal down feel confident that we could turn it around. It surely has to be in my opinion that jonson has lost the confidence I n his players. This club record is shocking and for me it's time to change it surely. Yesterday t was the final straw for me, an absolutely gutless spineless performance and screamed relegation to me. The only plus side was that the goal keeper Fabian giefer looked decent. Fair play the fans who also travelled, we quite frankly deserved a lot better.

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