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Head coach feels City did enough to earn a result after eighth straight league loss


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Well that's the headline on BCFC, having listened to the game, watched the Player highlights, stats showing one shot on target, not sure who he is trying to kid or if he actually believes his own sound bites.

This was a forest side who has kept 1 clean sheet in 30 games and not won in 8, and we peppered their goal with 1 shot on target.

When we sacked SC who I liked, I was hoping for Moyes, Pearson or someone similar. Disappointed in LJ's appointment, but thought initially what do I know, we are winning games playing good pressing football and inspired substitutions. Then the downturn, when we were still playing good football although loosing and I was still happy to stick with LJ, even up to the other day with some good signings thinking he can turn the corner.

The sad truth is only LJ and is mum actually have any belief left in him, the constant tinkering with selection, set up and style of play has left the players with no confidence he knows what he is doing and not many fans still trusting he is the right man.

This game proves we must change now, before its to late

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