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My wife's mates have a lot to answer for

Eddie Notgetinya

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There is one of my mrs' friends that just borrows money off her without paying it back and as a result I don't want to see him hang out with her ever again (Matthews). There is her older friend who she likes to see every now and then for a quick coffee but ultimately she doesn't belong in her closest circle of mates. There's another called Freeman, he's the one who always promises things but let's her down at the last minute and of course Tomlin who's the really popular one that everyone loves but he's also a bit shallow, she always sees him but he's never around when the going gets tough and he's really needed. There are those that are her rocks and never let her down (Flint and Tammy). There are some who she went to school with and will always keep as a friend, whilst I like the idea of that I sometimes wonder why as they blow hot and cold (Bryan). There's one friend of hers I've always really liked but she just doesnt seem to keen on her (Reid). There are also the new girls from work, the tall Foreign ones, I've only met them a couple of times but she likes them and so do I. 

There is a few exs of hers she likes, Ayling and Cunningham. I wonder if she ever wonders what if? And there is one that she really loved who cheated on her who she hates and will never talk to again - he's moved to somewhere in Birmingham now.

I have a few gripes about my Mrs also. Every week she puts on a slutty dress to get all the attention - I prefer her in jeans and a top, a bit like the good old solid 4-4-2. She costs me money but I pay it because I love her, most of the time I don't get anything back but I know I will be rewarded as she normally puts on a good show in bed, unfortunately that spark has dissapeared this year. Things are stale - there are no ideas anymore and we need something to spice it up. 

As for her family, I like her dad but her relationship with him is not good. I can see things breaking down between them and maybe it's for the best they stop the contact.

Her Mum has a new boyfriend called Gary, he's from up around the midlands. His children were well nurtured under his parenting but his wife just inexplicably dumped him for some Italian bloke. Maybe if her Mum gets her claws in to him before another women he could fill that father role better.

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