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Tony Mowbray


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In reality Coventry City are an absolute car crash of a club at the minute. Owners Sisu are a hated, faceless subsidiary of a larger corporation, they have no ground of their own and are a shadow of the club that won the FA Cup in 87. Also Mowbray is more of a Steve Cotterill figure in as much as he sees the game played one way, and one way only and lost his jobs at West Brom, Boro and Celtic for refusing to implement a plan B when the football wasn't working. Nice enough fella, but modern football demands a degree of flexibility and an ability to change things when plan A doesn't work, such as Conte has demonstrated at Chelsea this season. Mowbray is old school and I suspect his resignation was also about working at a club where there is no stability as well as his professional pride

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43 minutes ago, Calluum11 said:

Tony Mowbray after resigning from the Coventry City job in September 'The table doesn't lie'. 'It's embarrassing to go 10 games without a win, I'm an honourable guy'.

If only a certain Lee Johnson was so honourable.

To be fair though hes probably worth a lot more than Johnson.I cant se him walking,he will have to be pushed.

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