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The reality is quite simple.

Lansdown has backed his man. Lee Johnson has been presented with, and lets be brutally honest, a generous opportunity to turn this precarious position we find ourselves in, on its head.

I've been vocal over the past few days in my criticism for our manager. I have tried but failed to understand the logic behind keeping a manager who has just overseen our worst ever consecutive sequence of results in the history of our club. 

But, this is where we stand. A decision has been made, a decision we may not cohesively agree with, but a decision nonetheless. 

Browsing through this forum its clear that the vast majority wanted Johnson to be given his marching orders (myself included), and still want this to be the case. The only problem being is for that to happen we need to lose more football games.

It's on the back of that widespread viewpoint that makes me fear for a malignant atmosphere in our upcoming home fixtures vs Sheffield Wednesday and Rotherham. The sort of atmosphere that could quite easily be mirrored by a similarly toxic performance on the pitch, further enhancing the possibility of harmful results. 

No matter your opinion on Lee Johnson, we need to be collective and unison in our support of Bristol City Football Club. That's all that matters right now.

This football club needs wins and needs wins fast, thats the bottom line regardless of who our manager is. Two negative home results going in to a string of unbelievably difficult away games will put us deeper in trouble. It may well give us a new manager, but I'd sooner have the much needed points.

I'm openly contradicting my posting history of the last few hours, but I've had time to cool down and reflect. It's come to a point now where I feel we need to all just support the team and our brilliant owner who has given us so much over the years, at a time they need our support the most. You don't have to support the manager, but there is never an excuse for not wanting Bristol City to win.

I truly hope Lansdowns vote of confidence is the catalyst to turning our fortunes around. Could it be? I'm doubtful, but slowly, painfully and somewhat naively, I'm moving towards believing, that maybe, just maybe all will be okay and we can still have a happy ending under Johnson.

It's the hope that's always been my downfall.

For now though, no matter your opinion on the current predicament, support what is in front of you which is Bristol City Football Club. It will always be that way for me. 

Heres to better times ahead!!

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Have just lost faith in him. We might not have the best team in the league but they certainly should not be in the bottom places. We seem to have some giving Lee the benefit of the doubt,  saying our players were not good enough, well we have made 17 signing in one season, not many teams have that luxury, and yet we are still struggling. A good coach should have taken our promotion and cup winning squad, and added to it and solidified our place in the Championship, build on things during the next few seasons, instead that squad and additions Lee has brought in has just seen us sink.

A good coach should be able to take good / average players and do well'ish with them, other teams have certainly managed to do so with fewer signing, and less money and backing. The team with good coaching should also improve over time, we have seen the opposite, the longer these players are here, under Lee's coaching and tactics the worst they are playing / the worst our results. On a scatter graph our players and results should be slowly improving under a good coach, Instead players and results have been getting worse over time. The only thing that has changed is the amount of time under the current coaching / tactics / instructions....

By all means bring in the best players possible, we all want that. But let's not kid ourselves that means we have a good coach, a average coach/manager could/should do well if they have some of the best players in the league. A good coach is someone who can improve what they have.  

I hope we improve, and maybe Lee can turn things around.. I would really love for that to be the case, I just fear we will beat a poor Rotherham and think maybe things will be ok before being smacked down throughout February leaving us in a position that we cannot recover from... I hope I am wrong... anyway - here's hoping COYR

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