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Bristol City & that Brexit woman's 2nd husband !!!


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Reading in the Mail today about the woman [Gina Miller] who's causing all this constitutional kerfuffle about Brexit I was drawn to this comment:

Separately, controversy has surrounded the business activities of her second husband, the maverick entrepreneur Jon Maguire. 

During their time together, he and Miller set up a marketing company and she was a co-director with him of another business, Capital Communications Consultancy.

[Full article here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4154094/What-s-truth-Gina-Miller.html ]

Remember him, Jon Maguire - back in 2004 he approached Lansdown in a bid to take over the club. This makes interesting reading and despite what we feel about SL right now we certainly dodged a bullet when it comes to Maguire and his chequered background.


and OTIB had plenty to say too: click on the light grey bar to follow the thread



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