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Get real!!


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We've had the worse run ever in the league. 1 win in 13 league games. 13 Games lost in a row, the worst in the clubs history.

johnson has said today's games was with less pressure. 

(Again no light at the end of the tunnel)

The way we set up was too lose the game.

for city fans who want fans to get behind the team and say being negative isn't the right way and 'why you come this far to watch ' well my answer to you is because 

'WE LOVE THE CLUB' but to watch Johnson ruin it this way is the reason why we are negative. 

Fans who go to away games and big up that they start a song, need to look at the bigger f*cking picture. 

We can't win in the league, let alone a no pressure game, where does the optimism come from?


get real we are struggling and the fans who want change are the ones who care most

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