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Offering youth players for loan via LinkedIn...


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10 minutes ago, WestfieldRed said:

Just a little nugget that I came across this morning..

Obviously we're not talking 1st team squad but we appear to be advertising our youngsters via LinkedIn.

Cracking idea or a small club mentality?


just odd, might as well offer them via twitter


surely there is a normal way of circulating that you have players available

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1 minute ago, BS4 on Tour... said:

Social media is 'normal' now - people are selling houses on Twitter...good use of LinkedIn by Tins...

Not saying it's wrong just odd. I just picture managers etc, firing up their LinkedIn to see what players are available

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Why not?

Sure, it's public, so it would be wrong to disclose too many details there, but that doesn't look to be the case and I'm sure he has plenty of contacts who will see it and may get in touch. It's not as if one of us could get in touch and loan a youth player to run errands or something. They'd just ignore it.

If LinkedIn is good enough for business then it's good enough for football. We're used to football having its own mechanisms for these things but why should it? Just because that's how things have always been done?


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