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Message to Dazza from us lot down the road


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I hope you choke on your cornflakes when reading the EP to tomorrow about your ex player moving on. It's clear he does not rate or want to play for such an egotistic knob such as you. 

I will wake up tomorrow feeling fantastic knowing its eating you up inside he came to us. I'm not sure who's more Inept. You or the bloke soon to be relived of his duties for only putting 300K release clause.


All the best

Me down the road :-)

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Oh no, can we stop all this nasty anti Rovers thing. It's boring as well as ungracious

It was quite common in the past for players to switch Bristol clubs and for fans to go to both grounds

Pleased we have Taylor (could be ideal if we are relegated) but we don't have to be childish about it.

What matters today is a victory tonight

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1 hour ago, BS3City said:

Darrell, the prospect of losing your star striker for relative peanuts to your most hated local rival must be extremely difficult for you. I therefore attach a little something to cheer you up on an otherwise dreadful day. Enjoy...


Bloody hell, they bought some replacements for Taylor quick, mind.

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