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Normally I will have some views on what went wrong or right in a game. I'll spot things and think that could be remedied by this or that. Not always right but have an opinion!! 

Although the obvious is that we didn't close them down, I'm still trying to see why we didn't / couldn't?

the only thing I spotted was that too often we had 2 players not marking, or more correctly, 3 marking 1. 

Now I get that you usually try and have one of the defence trying to stay spare to provide cover. But we had 2, and I think that is why Fulham passed it around us so freely. 

But how did that happen. I couldn't pick why. It wasn't the same two not marking, it impacted all of our back 8. 

Help. Asking for a small friend :whistle:

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Started 442. fulham352. Our midfield overrun couldn't get into the game. Back 4 retreat ed.

Changed by putting Bryan central midfield. Stopped the rot but still couldn't close down Fulham. Our fullbacks couldn't get forward.

2nd half crowd gets restless. Goalkeeper and fullback chuck one in.

Change to 433. Fulham put one up front and close out the game.

Back to the Drawing board.


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