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Tottenham Out

Kachina II

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Spurs are a strange team - play excellent football at times but they always fail when it comes to the crunch. They'll never have a better chance to win the league than they did last season.

Pretty embarrassing that a team of their resources and 80,000 fans behind them cannot see off lowly Gent - European results for Prem teams since Chelsea won the Europa League in 2013 have been abysmal when you consider how much they've spent.

Given the paucity of English players fielded by the top sides and the detrimental effect that has had on the national team though it's pretty amusing.

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I went to this game tonight. Can safely say I'm still a Bristol City fan. Players were uninspiring, fans were even worse. Does 80,000 fans become a bad thing when they sing two songs in 90 minutes? Most left after 80 minutes, appalling behaviour considering Gent were there for the taking. Gent were dreadful, luckily for them, Tottenham just opted against shooting. A lack of passion, poor finishing and questionable substitutions...Nice to see they wanted me to feel at home :shifty:

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