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If Johnson does go.


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Giving him Newcastle, a game where not many expect much, is a true balls up of a decision.

Give it as a free game for the new manager, to evaluate the squad, and get to know what he's working with.

Giving LJ Newcastle means the prospective appointment has less time to evaluate the team before huge games against the like of Villa and Burton. And therefore less time to have an impact organisationally to bed in his plan and tactics.

I don't see the ****ing point. Should of been sacked after the debacle Wednesday Night - or more preferably, Wolves.

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6 minutes ago, BS4 on Tour... said:

A potential new boss could well be in the stand at Newcastle, thereby giving him a better perspective of his new players...

But while they don't have the position nailed down, they may not psychologically be as critical as they would be in the position.

As well as ask questions of the coaching staff.

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