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Newcastle Pubs?

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Been told by a few people this morning that there are a number of locals not happy with our fanbase.

It was said that in the game at home, some women and children were attacked on their way back from the ground. I wasn't aware of this prior to earlier. May explain the over zealous approach today 

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Pubs for away fans


"The ground is one of the few remaining in the country that is literally right in the centre of the city. You are only a few minutes walk from the main shopping areas of Newcastle. There are plenty of bars to choose from in the city centre, but most away fans tend to favour the pubs opposite and around Newcastle Railway Station. The 'A Head Of Steam' 'The Lounge' and 'O'Neills' are all recommended, but some of these bars will only admit fans if colours are covered and none of them admitted children. Also nearby is a Wetherspoons outlet called the Union Rooms. Alternatively there is Idols which has strippers and is popular with both home and away fans. 

On my last visit I went to the Bodega on Westgate Road and had no problems. This pub is listed in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide and had a friendly atmosphere. Closer to the ground (and just around the corner from China Town which is good for a cheap lunch) is the Newcastle Arms on St Andrews Street. This pub is also in the Good Beer Guide, but unless you arrive very early and have no colours you are unlikely to gain entrance. Just down the road is 'The Backpage' book shop, which is an oasis of football books, DVD's, programmes and memorabilia. Alcohol is also served within the ground."

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