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The next 4 games are what it's all about!

Tinmans Love Child

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16 hours ago, Tinmans Love Child said:

God your glass half empty!

Yes I am - don't think 40 years supporting city has helped me develop my optimistic side tbh.

I just look back at how we played against Rotherham after putting in a real shift to get a draw v Sheff Wed. If that happens again and we are back to being flat at Villa we will struggle. If we lose that the fans at AG will be on LJ's back again which won't help in the two home games. Obviously hope the optimists on here prove me wrong. For what it's worth if we sacked LJ today I suspect the lift in mood would give us a chance of winning three out of the next four.

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12 minutes ago, EnclosureSurge said:

"The next 4 games are what it's all about!"

No it's not. It's the next 13. Everybody stop turning this into do-or-die, 6-pointer, must-win games. 


But if we fail to get results and points soon, the last few of those 13 may not matter at all.

Some of the upcoming games (Burton, Wigan, Wolves, Blackburn to give examples) arguably carry more importance than others, due to the impact positive results for us would have on the whole relegation picture.

You are right in general, of course, and all games should be considered equally important.  But maybe some are just that little bit 'more equally important' than others... ;)

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If we lose against Burton and Wigan we don't deserve to be in this division. And Norwich at home has to be cause for optimism. Even Villa away doesn't seem the intimidating fixture it might have once looked. 

Over the course of 4 games you can allow for 1 slip-up but anything less than 5 points would be curtains. I hope for 12, expect 10 but I haven't seen one complete performance this season so I anticipate 5

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