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Who do we love this much?


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Saw this in one of the briefings I get and thought it was amusing. But who would we protest for?


Chile: Santiago: Avoid vicinity of rally at Plaza Baquedano by football fans on 1 March as precaution

Level: Notice
Location: Santiago
- Chile;
: Protest
Event Date: 01 Mar 2017

Members in the capital Santiago on 1 March should avoid the vicinity of a rally at the Plaza Baquedano by fans of the famous Chilean football player Alexis Sanchez. The gathering, which is expected to begin at 10.00 (local time) and conclude at 23.00, is being held in protest at a perceived lack of support that Sanchez has received from the football club he currently plays for. While details about the level of attendance are unclear, reports indicate that thousands of people are expected to gather for the event.


  • Avoid the vicinity of the rally at Plaza Baquedano on 1 March as a precaution.
  • Plan routes bypassing the gathering, which will likely result in localised traffic disruption. Allow additional time for important journeys through the city centre on the day.
  • Monitor our alerts on Chile for notable developments.
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