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Tommy Gemmell has died

Lanterne Rouge

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I missed this yesterday - he died aged 73. There can`t be many of the Lisbon Lions left now can there?

When you think they won the European Cup, back when it WAS for champions of your country, with a squad of players all born within 30 miles of Glasgow it doesn`t seem real somehow compared to today`s football.

RIP Tommy

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Very, very sad news. 

Feels even more poignant for me as he was my uncle's favourite player and I spent many a day in my younger years being told all manner of stories about Tommy Gemmell and the Lisbon Lions. I am sure my uncle would have shed a tear upon hearing the news.

As well as his european cup final goals, I will always remember this video and the warm smile it brought over my uncles face the first time he watched it with me. 

Sleep well, Tommy.


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