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2018 Calendar


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1 hour ago, BS4 on Tour... said:

Oooh, now you've worried me....we had to get Flint into one of the last months when he may well still be here?! Concerning! Still, bet you rip out that particular page and probably frame it??!

No need to frame it. It should just stick straight to wall..! 

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It's actually a decent calendar. They have edited the photos like I often do with mine, made the red or green shirts the only colour and the rest of the photo is black and white. All photos feature the red kit except for one purple and lime and obviously Frankie is wearing the keepers kit.

Jan - Flint, Feb- Leko, March - Pisano, April- Diedhieu, May -Joe, June - Brownhill, July - Bailey, August - Marlon, Sept - Callum, October - Bobby, Nov - Frankie. December - Korey & Diedhieu.


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1 hour ago, Cider-Head23 said:

More than acceptable, perhaps my question should of been do grown men by the city official calendar for themselves 

Have one on my office wall every year - but haven't bought it myself for years

Hopefully the calendar has gone back to the dates being big enough that you can write in the boxes again?

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