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Garita. Any prospects

DT The Optimist

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Never seen him play.  Might Thursday if I pop to WSM for gas under 23 match.

 Anyone actually see him play in a 23s game or down at Plymouth when he was on loan, and curious why he has not gone on loan again.  Will he ever get near the first team squad. See he’s 22 and thinking if he was up to anything he would be knocking on the door by now.



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He was injured at the end of the window, so spect that scuppered any loan chances....yet another reason the new loan rules are shit.

From what i’ve heard, he’s been doing okay in the u23s, but unlikely to be good enough at Champ level, the likelihood is that he’s L1/2 Level.  Personally i’ve only seen clips that back the previous sentence up, but he’s still a cult hero in my eyes.

Do you remember when he joined and the twitter stuff about Darrell Clarke....brilliant.

On an aside, Famara has been posting sone swear words on twitter, not realising what he’s written, and had to quickly delete.

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I know a Plymouth ST holder and he was very impressed with his strength which offered a good alternative long ball option up to Arnie when they wanted to change tactics.

He was appearing regularly for them prior to injury and I'm sure they would welcome him back now; though he wasn't the stand out player that Tammy was for us.

He hasn't had a long enough injury free run to hit his best form so to my mind the jury remains out on whether he could play at Championship level. I'm not writing him off but the injuries may be the reason he doesn't succeed with us. 

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