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Seeing a lot being said about LJ's substitutions.

It's quite humorous to read people complaining about the long balls and then the backward passes in the same sentence. If we want to keep ball on the deck, we have to expect patience and the ball going backwards at times. You can't go back to front in a matter of moments against a team with 5 men in midfield pressing very well. 

Ofcourse going to 1 up front at home can be perceived as negative, but I thought Johnson made the correct changes in regards to personel and shape. No doubt we were a better team 2nd half. 

Eliasson was brilliant, so was Pack. Marlon Pack really doesn't get enough credit, can see and play a ball like no other in our team. 

I think if we go in at half time 0-0, we probably win. 

Pretty disappointed with how Preston went about their business tonight. Just blatant cheating in every sense, which just ruins any game. 

Disappointing night, but we are gunna get them, we're not the finished article.

Confident we will bounce back Saturday.

Up the City x

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I had no problems with our passing back/sideways when we did, its our style the people complaining can't have watched many other games of ours, either that or they just don't mind when we win by doing it. I agree with you on Pack, I thought he added something when he came on, was playing as the DM in a 4141 but was up and down the pitch more than JB or Korey. He also looked to take the ball on himself something we barely saw the other CM's do. 

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