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Sadly, not surprised...


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I fear I am getting used to this. 

Great one week, shite the next.

Below average performances from the usuals I'm afraid - Pato, Wright, Hörður and Bryan; and sadly it's a little too often for my liking. I see no benefit to having Kent, he simply offers nothing other than losing possession. 

We really missed the balance Eros brings to the team, or failing that - another proper ******* right back.

I have never been one to moan, but surely question marks have to be asked as to why this keeps on happening. It's not we aren't good enough - we are. I know we are.

What annoys me the most is we seem to be second to every ball, out fought, out muscled,  out thought and genuinely lack that desire to win.  

They simply wanted it more tonight. Why?

We seem to huff and puff, and travel back to Bristol with bronchitis. 

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