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Final Points Tally Using Statistics!


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Statistically after 36 games we have lost 25%, drawn 33% and won 42% of our games - (rounded here or there),

Which means, if we follow the season statistics (ish), for the last 10 games:-

We lose 3,
We draw 3
We Win 4

Total Points = 72 Pts

Is that enough to finish in the Top 6?



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2 minutes ago, tomo said:

Mental that in 2012/13 Leicester finished 6th place with only 68 pts!


Just shows what an exciting and unpredictable league the championship is where anyone can beat anyone! so hard to predict how many points will be needed, guess we'll find out when 46 games are up!

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If you use the same calculations on all 24 clubs, assuming they have all played the same number of games, won't they all end up in the same position they are now?

The past is history, the final 9 games are simply one mass slug fest, Wolves, Cardiff, Villa & Fulham fighting for automatics, half the league, including us for the remaining play off spots, and the other half of the league trying not to go down, If there is a mid table, it is probably Norwich, that's it.

It's absolutely brilliant, edge of your seat, fill your pants, bloodbath, entertainment,

Sit back (unless you have filled your pants already) and ENJOY



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9 hours ago, TETBURY MASSIVE said:

Now that would be impressive......

Without whooshing i’m Guessing that he’s means 2 more points than the 1 we got at home.

8 hours ago, GregoryGoodridge said:

Interesting way to look at it, and positive, I like it! :thumbsup:

Yes, me too.

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