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I was a big fan of the model - as it was sold to us as a positive for City (the first club in the bag, if you will)

However. The Sands seem to have shifted somewhat and seeing as Mark Ashton confirmed on Wednesday that the new pricing structure (and no doubt everything else of any import) was "recommended " to the board of the "football club" by the board of Bristol Sport,  one can only assume that the board of BCFC (a member of which is the Chairman of Bristol Sport itself) was somewhat presented with a fait accompli and had no real option other than to acquiesce. 

As Del Boy would say:  Cosmic. 

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I was onboard for Bristol sport when it was sold as a professional body that would provide the expertise for marketing, legal work, consultations, etc for a group of sports clubs that would lessen the individual costs for each club so BCFC could concentrated on the football and experience.

I did not think that we would however become a subservient division of them, I thought they were going to just be a skilled sporting consultation and services group employed on our behalf.

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