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Pretty pointless IMO. The fact that the Oyston family are tossers is unfortunate for 'Pool- although I can't help but feel that some club's fans deserve their owners in that they are prepared to accept anything/anyone in pursuit of glory and rarely question it at the time.

There's already a "fit and proper" test which has to be met but any privately owned and run company cannot have legislation which prevents an idiot ending up running it.

Give me a petition which stops the Prem club's getting all the money whilst the life blood of the English football league withers on the vine , where about 10-15 club's receive billions and the other 70 suffer, where L1 and L2 clubs can no longer afford an academy, where all the real money goes on foreign players and it chokes ANY chance of England ever winning anything in any competition EVER......

then not only will I sign but I'll deliver it to Downing St on my push bike.

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