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Buses from Temple Meads to Ashton Gate


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Used to park around Ashton Gate but not an option for me anymore... now looking at getting in from Temple Meads or around that area.

so is the matchday special Abus any good? Says it runs 1 hr before kick off but doesn't say how often - surely cant be just one bus??

Reliable? Busy? Quick return after game? better to use service 24?

any other options for buses from Temple Meads  

Megabus - whens that happening?:grr:

Thank you in advance to all sensible advice!!!



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I've not used the Abus before the match but often get on it after. It's pretty quick really (especially if you manage to get on the first one), despite taking a bit of a roundabout route. 

The 24 from Redcliffe Hill to get to the ground can be busy. Haven't used this one for a while - last time I tried last season several went passed the bus stop full up and I had to wait ages.

2 hours ago, The Dolman Pragmatist said:

I walked it to and from the Sheff Wed match and was surprised how quick it was - probably no more than 30 minutes to North Street.

I'd echo this - not as far as it seems (but easy to get delayed by visiting pubs on route).

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