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Special thanks to Supporter Services


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In these days of criticising the backroom of BCFC it is nice to be able to shed some praise.

My mate after much nagging from me has got a ST for next year, except he got it in the EE ( South Stand to many ) with a seat next to him for me to get. As I already had a ST in the Lansdown, I emailed Supporter Services as I had already renewed in the Lansdown and explained to them I wanted to change to the EE. No probs, Taylor - Ann Kingscott did this straight away and next season after a gap of over 55 years, I return to watch City from the good old EE where once I cheered on Big John, Brian Clark, Terry Bush, Mike Thresher, Gordon Low, etc etc.


For this I award Taylor-Ann the BERYL FUDGE trophy for looking after the City supporter. :clap:

You will have no problem recognising me, I'm the one with the modded up Vespa in the gangway upsetting the stewards and throwing bog rolls on the pitch.


Some of us never learn :ill::ill:

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I must thank Jodie who helped a few of us swap seats around in our 'group' in the Dolman this week. One call and a few emails... everything sorted! Even better considering there was some confusion when a couple forgot what seats they actually sit in! :grr:

Thank you. :clapping::clapping:

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