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Positives from today

Major Isewater

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11 minutes ago, bs3 said:

Ryan Kent have played his last game for City

It has to be, he has offered very little. I understand youngish players need time, but would much rather we invested in a kid from our set up, who may not be technically better but will look like gives a shit at least 

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22 minutes ago, Club and Country said:

Millwall to beat us and put us out of our misery 

we are absolutely kidding ourselves about getting in play offs 

On current showing, I think we’d get absolutely tonked in the play offs even if we did get there.

People talk about the play offs as if they are literally a lottery. They’re not. I think we’d be comfortably beaten by both Fulham and Aston Villa. 

I am still, for some unknown reason, thinking maybe it will all just click again and we’ll storm it but my belief is beggining to wane to say the least. 

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4 minutes ago, chinapig said:

Depends on the financial penalties I suspect. Liverpool play hardball when it comes to loans. Who knows how much of a say the manager has in the matter?

Hardly going to bankrupt the club to leave him out. 

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8 minutes ago, Wanderingred said:

I've just bought a nice piece of cheese. Might put it on toast with some garlic powder. Mmmm.

Cold roast pork from yesterdays joint for me, might have an egg, might have chips, might have beans and hopefully the branston, waiting for the shout from Mrs Bung "it's on the table".

Positives from todays game?, thinking to myself when LJ's masterstroke of replacing one shit winger with another shit winger only 6 more games to go.

Or watching our only free kick in and around the opponents box and thinking "I hope they have a ball boy in Winterstoke Road" and feeling some elation when the kick remained inside the stadium and further thinking 'our free kicks are sure improving'.

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