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Natch Glass Half Full Or Empty?


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Lots of dichotomous views hereabouts many of which miss the point, they articulate the same outcome:
We’ve overachieved this season / With a great start and monies invested we’ve signally underachieved;
We’ve played attractive football / Some against sides who’ve deliberately allowed us to play that way and by doing so outfoxed us;
We took Man City all the way / And lost, twice;
We’ve one or two Premier quality players / Who continue to play for us and haven’t attracted bids from Premier clubs;
We’ve a large squad / Yet struggle to fill team and bench with quality, positional cover;
We’ve many bodies to choose from / Few of whom are of upper Championship standard;
We’ve academy stars of the future / Who when given a chance and perform admirably are sent to the regions for development (sic);
We’ve recruited ‘talented’ players who display ‘exceptional skills in training’ / Though rarely on the pitch where it matters ( perchance we've coached it out of them?)
We had great success in playing an unorthodox, high-press, midfield overload / And had no success once opponents sussed out how to combat;
Our consistency in trying to ‘play the right way’ brings results / Losses if it’s the ONLY system the players can play.

So just how good are we? Well, about as good as Preston and Millwall and ain’t that the truth. So to those who berate naysayers who predict we'll go down if there isn’t significant change, look no further than Weelee's dad. Those who watched the season we nearly went up know we could equally have gone down and within 18 months were in freefall. Take heed as history tends to repeat.

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