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Every season I approach is with this in mind. Usually the team respond to this and the season starts OK. The edge of seat, or on toes effect continues because we have players sensing the abilty to score. This is shown with more shots on or off target, more corners awarded, more freekicks in the attacking half. Forwards play with the chance of meeting the crosses, hence more goals, but offsides increase. This is shown when the likes of Flint etc. are in the box. Outfield players send in more crosses because they have achieved a better position through skill.


After the highs of Cup runs and second place in the table comes tiredness and loss of confidence. Sadly this has led to meddling with the team selection due to injuries, red and yellow cards. This is compounded by loaning/ signing so called better players in January window, Kent and Diohy come to mind. So called skilled players who cant control a ball, lose it to the opponents and we have now lost our anticipation. Former goal scoring chances are lost because of wasted play and hence the anticipating goal scorers are not in positions to defend quick reversal of play. The opponets have now no defences to face because the defence are anticipating a goal chance. With having to chase back to defend, players make rash tackles, more cards! All this leads to less scoring chances, on or off target and fewer corners. Midfield play is now defending instead of attacking, these players unable to turn to prevent opponents attacking. Opponents have more shots, our goal defended under siege conditions, they get more corners and freekicks in our half and leads to defeats and to saving a point at least. Gone are the on toes, now facing entrenched sitting hanging on for some revival of fortune.


Slowly slipping from the playoff places, loss of team spirit, fans booing our team, all add up to a frustrating end of season. Forum comments to say the least are not helpful for me to maintain any hope of a revival. At 77 yrs of age I can say, following City has had its heartaches over the years, but that last promotion with an improving stadium gave me hope for the future. Before you have a go at me, I do not finacially support the team, but follow by freeview RB, tablet links to BCFC , BBC texts and of course OTIB matchday threads.


So come on you supporters, get behind the team and least hope to finish on a high.

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Think you need to insert ‘Anger’ after ‘Anticipation’ .

Think, for some, the ‘Anger’ moment was soon after the January transfer debacle. The rest caught up on Monday. 

I’m now moving from the ‘Lethergy’ - struth, I didn’t even get out my seat for Durics goal, a first ever muted celebration for me  - to ‘Resignation’ stage. 

Feel just a puppet in Mark Ashton’s grand plan.

The big question is can I be arsed to do a repeat emotional cycle next season? Probably.

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