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Ipswich are charging ten pounds for next home game

Never to the dark side

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Some bloke started a real cool fundraiser too. Put it on twitter that he'd buy two tickets for those less fortunate, all of a sudden they raised £2,400 and the club added the same

All going to local schools and charities, 480 extra bottoms on seats. Fair play to him :clap:

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Ipswich have got us only 5 days later, on the Wednesday night, Wednesday 28th November.  Is their match for £10 on Friday night v WBA on television?  Lambert will be very keen to get some points as quick as he can, new manager with Norwich connections.  Ipswich having sacked their manager after only about 13 or 14 matches this season, having not renewed "Mick's" contract at the end of 2017/18 season, which some people are now saying was a big mistake - it will be if they get relegated.  It is not so long ago that with the appointment of Roy Keane, everyone thought Ipswich would be Premiership bound.  Can't see Ipswich in League 1 though, I'm sure Lambert will turn them around.  Hopefully not until after City's visit though.  I'm thinking of going, good stadium they have got at Portman Road.   That means that Bristol City, immediately after the international break have 2 tricky fixtures.  Leeds away,  followed on the Wednesday night at Ipswich away.  4 points out of these two games for City would be a good return.  Lee Johnson has said that he is happy to be playing away from Ashton Gate next time.  Not sure what he meant by that?  Did the crowd get on the teams back a bit during the loss v Preston on Saturday last.  Away at Elland Road followed by away at Portman Road are not easy places to go.  4 points from those two would be nice.

? can anyone see Roy Keane getting back into club management?  He did well enough at Sunderland, but not so well at Ipswich.  Surprising he has never resurfaced in club management?  Ipswich sacked him a matter if days before the semi final of the FLC - now the Carabao Cup.  They then beat Arsenal 1-0 at Portman Road in the first leg before losing 3-0 in the second leg at The Emirates.  Strange timing, Roy Keane could have delivered Ipswich with their first silver ware for years, but Marcus Evans sacked him.  Marcus Evans has now been through quite a few managers but Premiership football still eludes them.  Lambert has not done much since leaving Norwich for Aston Villa either.  Wasn't he at Stoke at the end of last season?  Was somewhere else after being sacked by Villa to, but I can't remember where - Bolton maybe?

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