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Where will LJ be in 5 years?

man in the middle

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31 minutes ago, man in the middle said:

As the title says? I think he’ll be managing somewhere in the bottom two divisions but not with city. 

When GJ took City to the playoffs finals I remember telling a friend he’d one day manage in the premier league and maybe one day England, how wrong was I ?

My guess is that he will be dusting his self down in preparation to "go again"  after City have been beaten at home 1nil by Bath City in the Conference. And yes the ref was to blame!!

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8 minutes ago, fgrsimon said:

Cheltenham Town in L2 or National League

No, there will be a club higher up with a new owner at some point that will be blinded by the powerpoint presentation showing 'bomb alley'.  If you're a business person stupid enough to buy a football club you'd be taken in by him.

Seen many companies fail when the owners get sucked in by a sales pitch.


SL seems to like the corporate lackey type, it's what he's used to, LJ fits that profile perfectly.  Sharp suits, business bullshit bingo etc etc.  A lot of us have seen this in our day to day jobs, whilst us buggers on the ground have to try to shit shovel.

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