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Bradley Johnson


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Banned by the F.A for 4 games for ‘biting’ Joe Allen.

This after JA has said Johnson never bit him :facepalm:  yes you argue that the intent was there but it’s the going back and allowing the FA to punish people aslong as the match officials haven’t seen it that annoys the shit out of me tbh.

The sooner they change it and are allowed to punish people via video evidence regardless if the officials have seen it or not the better, for example every week there are players diving all over the place, trying to gain an advantage and if seen they are awarded with a poxy yellow card end of story, it should be a 3 game ban minimum, it’s cheating, it’s the only way to stamp it out.

Yet the FA give 4 game bans to Johnson despite his opponent defending him saying it didn’t happen, don’t even get me started on how they came to a decision to ban Diedhiou. The FA need a complete overhaul of their disciplinary procedures as soon as possible.

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Absolutely should be banned. Just because he didn’t do it properly doesn’t mean he should escape punishment, intent was clear.

Surprised it’s only 4 games to be honest, makes FDs ban all the more ridiculous. I don’t condone spitting but clear intent to cause someone significant harm should carry a bigger punishment. 

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