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One Team In Bristol Fanzine and Hats

Real Red

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A brand new edition of One Team In Bristol fanzine will be on sale for the Millwall game. They will be available from the usual places from around 11.30am; 

Lamppost near the Atyeo Statue entrance and KFC rbt
Between the Houses on Ashton Road for the Dolman Entrance

Goalkeepers Ancient and Modern
Mid Table City
Sky Blues
One Tactic
Letter from America
Lavin the Lion
Goal Threat
Sing Along a City
plus loads more. Lots to read!

Still priced £1.50
(old £1 coins accepted)

We also have our new design Fanzine Winter Hats £11.50 (see photo)





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1 hour ago, EstoniaTallinnRed said:

Is there a chance anyone can get me one of these hats and post it to me, it would look great wearing this in our Winter climate,   I can pay you by Paypal if you have an account. If so you can pm me. Thanks anyone.

I'll add to this request if any are left over please ?

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