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Come on SL


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Come on SL, act now, last 2 home matches against bottom 6 sides - 1 shot on target in each!

100s if not 1000s of season ticker holders staying away.

Under LJ this is going to continue to be a real struggle, little chance of the improvement on last season's 11th place finish you sought.

Get rid of him now, so a new manager can assess what we need in December before the Jan Window.

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32 minutes ago, Hampshire reds said:

i agree something has to happen. its poor. ok we won at ipswich. 2 very lucky goals and today an own goal. we play one striker today against a bottom 2 team we should have played 2 up too and go for it. 

Hello - is this the same HR who was talking about 'moaning minnies' on Friday? Also suggesting that complaints about the Ipwich game were out of order?

If there are two Hampshire Reds I apologise in advance. If not you either have multiple personalities, a very short memory, or talk a lot of sh1te.

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