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trains to birmingham prices getting a bit naughty

Never to the dark side

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Even split tickets and the turn up on the day prices

Bristol to Cheltenham 42 miles £9.70 day return

Cheltenham to Birmingham 51 miles £26.00p monthly return unable to find a day return fare

If your hell bent on going on the train best advice is

Walk from New street to

Birmingham moor street  and catch the train to Bordsley

then a short walk up the hill

Just a reminder that its the LIVE championship game to beamed to an audience outside of the U.K.

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Gonna get even worse next year... 3% increase on fares with certain operators. £19.80 return (£18.80 with £1 booking fee) with Nat Express on the day, leaving at 11:20 getting there for 13:30. Coming back.. 19:00 depart and arrival at good ol' Brizzle for 20:50. Looks like the absolute cheapest option available regarding public transport for folks in Bristol.

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