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Man U v Bournemouth

Slippin cider

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Manure also have the officials back 'onside'.

Should have been 3-2 with Bailly down the tunnel 15 minutes before the ref finally consented to give the thug a red card. As was, up the other end for 4-1 via an offside goal the lino conveniently missed.

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Mourinho did get a few good results for them this season though. Namely 2-2 at Chelsea from a goal down and if not for a last minute equaliser, arguably when they (Bournemouth) were flying high, 2-1 at Bournemouth from a goal down and best of all a 2-1 in Turin from a goal down. Having said that, Juventus should have been out of sight by then but really quite wasteful and then good subs by him v bad subs by Allegri turned that one...

They look a lot more relaxed though from what I've seen of them- especially Pogba. Playing with happiness and confidence- plus in an ideal formation- can and will do a lot for players, especially someone like him.

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