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Havn't been on here for a while, and havn't looked yet what anyone has had to say about saturday's performance.

I thought Tommy, when he came on was excellant. He was the only one who looked like creating anything and was not scared to try defense splitting balls and looked asthough he always wanted the ball which is nice to see.

I thought Clayton did an ok job, but when tommy if fit there is no question who would be in my starting 11. Clayton seemed to be abit clueless when he got near the penalty area but did ok.

Scott murray had one of those days where nothing went his way, and that flick he kept doing looked ridiculus after the 12th time.

I would have like to of seen abit of gillespie towards the end, and hope leroy get's another goal tonight, but really we have to have a taller player playing with either heffer's or leroy.

Nice to hear tinnion on the radio after the match admitting we wern't good enough, not like the wilson interviews last season after the game !!!

city 2-0 tonight !!!

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